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/diffuse/ [poetry, 2011]

claims at the edge [thesis, poetry, 2008]


Lavender Review: Poems from the First Five Years (Headmistress Press, 2015)

“fear: a sequence” (Sukoon 2014) (web version)(mention)

“loneliness and departure for some state of upheaval” (The Manhattanville Review, 2014)

“incentive salience, a system of motivation to run wild” (LEVELER, 2013)

“in denial” (T/OUR, 2013)

“bathroom scribble at blackthorn pizza” (T/OUR, 2013)

“for when we don’t know” (T/OUR, 2013)

“anatomy of an end” (T/OUR, 2013)

“any creature that cannot rid of want or song, perhaps” (Sukoon, 2013)

“more inequity than the world itself or its counterparts” (Sukoon, 2013)

“guarantee a bruise or the evening sky of every color” (Sukoon, 2013)

“when desiring to be free so we don’t have to be dangerous” (The Nervous Breakdown, 2013)

“litany of no pattern except trouble and escapism” (Five Quarterly, no. 3, Spring 2013)

“variations of this luminous hour, at the metro station” (Blackbird, v11n1, Spring 2012)

“all of a sudden the ruin of possibilities and novelty” (Blackbird, v11n1, Spring 2012)

“enemy of fire ants, introduced and invaded” (FRiGG, Winter 2011)

“the advantage of knowledge that fixes nothing” (FRiGG, Winter 2011)

“those who survive nothing out of the ordinary” (FRiGG, Winter 2011)

“another attempt at innovation when life is messy” (FRiGG, Winter 2011)

“called rush” (Lavender Review, Night, 2011)

“the first rule of torture” (Lavender Review, Night, 2011)

“malfunction upon my return” (Poems to Sweat by: Hungry Young Poets, 2009)

“the reason why we could not tell our neighbors…” (Poems to Sweat by: Hungry Young Poets, 2009)

“origin” (Crab Orchard Review, 14.2, 2009)

“arriving” (Crab Orchard Review, 14.2, 2009)

“on the 3rd night of feeding” ( Cider Press Review, 9, 2008)

“an ounce” (RHINO, 2008)

“here, world, i am safe” (Cimarron Review, 163, 2008)

“familiar iii” (Harpur Palate, 7.1, 2007)

“familiar ii” (Harpur Palate, 7.1, 2007)


“Marks on my Body” (TAYO, creative essay, 2015)

A part of travel that heterosexuals take for granted” (Matador Network, 2013)

“Value Added Versus Value Perceived” (Dream School Commons, opinion, 2011)

“Staceyann Chin Performs at Mad Art Gallery” (The Vital Voice, online, 2009)

“How to Publish Your Poems” (St. Louis Pride Pages, print, 2009)

“The State of Women in St. Louis” (The Vital Voice, print/online, analysis, front page feature, 2008)

“Book Review: Jody Miller, Getting Played” (The Vital Voice, print, 2008)

“St. Louis Green” (The Vital Voice, print, profile 2008)

“Seven Heavens” (The Vital Voice, print, feature, 2008)

Normandy Students Commemorate Dr. Julia Davis” (St. Louis American, print, community, 2005)

“St. Anthony, performer” (St. Louis American, print, profile, 2005)

Larry Crenshaw, artist” (St. Louis American, print, profile, 2005)

“Ways to Work” (St. Louis American, print/online, community, 2005)

The Beauty Shop” (St. Louis American, print, film review, 2005)

“Breaking It Down: The Comptroller’s Office” (St. Louis American, print, analysis, 2004, award from GSLBJ)

A bump in the road” (St. Louis American, print, profile, 2004)

“Putting music to minds” (St. Louis American, print, profile, 2004)

“Reputation vs. revenue: C&K Restaurant” (St. Louis American, print, profile, 2004)


2012 E-Chapbook contest, Sundress Publications, Finalist (2012)

Robert Watson Poetry Award Chapbook Contest, Finalist (2008)

“Discovery”/Boston Review Contest, Semi-Finalist (2008)

Graduate Prize in Poetry, judged by Ross Gay, UM – St. Louis, First Place (2008)

Women’s and Gender Studies Creative Writing Award, UM – St. Louis, Honorable Mention (2007)


Art For Change, New York City, NY (2012)

Multicultural Relations, UM – St. Louis, MO (2011)

Hungry Young Poets Reading Series, River Styx, St. Louis, MO (2009)

Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies, UM – St. Louis, MO (2009)

National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Cincinnati, OH (2008)

MFA Program (invited, contest winner), UM – St. Louis, MO (2008)

MFA Program (graduate), UM – St. Louis, MO (2007)

Writers on the Road, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, IL (2007)

ARTt Cafe, St. Louis, MO (2007)

Hungry Young Poets Reading Series, River Styx, St. Louis, MO (2006)

St. Louis Writers under the Stars, St. Louis Writers’ Guild, Kirkwood, MO (2006)

Talking Poetry, Congregation Neve Shalom, Webster, MO (2006)


Women Trailblazers Award, UM – St. Louis, MO (2007)

First Place Best News Series: Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists, St. Louis, MO (2005)


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: 5:30p.m.

Iringa, Tanzania: 7:02 p.m.

Iringa, Tanzania: 6:34 p.m.

–Olivia Ayes

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