Poems in FRiGG, Winter 2011

These poems are part of a manuscript tentatively called diffuse, which started out as an attempt to explore boundaries—love, culture, nature, art, logic, etc. That these turned out to be disjunctive, nonlinear, fluid was a positive consequence, I think. Previously, I’d held on to ideas that poems should make sense and be accessible because ideas should not be limited to specific audiences. Poetry—especially academic poetry—tends to be abstruse, so for many years, I fought the idea that poems should be something only a few can grasp. Well, in attempting to explore my own boundaries, I decided to leave the audience to fend for itself, to figure out how to grapple with these ideas, to make conclusions or connections only she/he/they can. I did, however, provide some structure in terms of form (ten lines), refrains, and themes. Still, people don’t know how to respond to these. A friend who’s an engineer read this manuscript recently. (She previously read another manuscript that was mostly narrative.) Her reaction to diffuse: “Picture me balled up in a corner, reaching for something in the air that doesn’t exist.”

–O. Ayes

2 thoughts on “Poems in FRiGG, Winter 2011”

  1. "even if we only last a short time, we do this for the music. i don't want any more. the irony of you appearing, well-intentioned, universe."^my favorite!

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