Agents of Change

Last week during dinner, some childhood friends and I were updating each other on our lives. I was talking about my love, as well as some other friends who are educators, spiritualists, activists, artists, and one friend asked, “Why are your friends so deep?”

“Come again?”

“I mean, really…activists?”

Her inquiry caused me to think about the people with whom I surround myself. It served as a reminder that my immediate circle of friends are pretty incredible. But perhaps people just aren’t giving themselves enough credit. Maybe you volunteer at an orphanage. Maybe you organized a neighborhood potluck. Maybe, you give spare change to the war veteran standing with a sign at the corner. You may sing about your emergence from heartbreak. Maybe you created a visual representation of a recurring dream. Maybe you wrote a novel.

Being an agent of change simply means that you aren’t passively letting your current situation be reality. Because we oftentimes cannot easily get out of harsh personal situations, it’s difficult to see beyond ourselves and to transcend our tragedies and failures. We let our outlook on life affect how we interact with the world. We stop being kind. We stop believing in ourselves and each other.

Wherever life takes me, I’m certain that I will continue to help promote positivity and belief in humanity. Today, I may only be able to open the door for you or have a conversation about healing, but tomorrow there are infinite possibilities for more.

(Photography by BJWOK)

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