Returning to San Diego

I first visited San Diego back in 2005 when my brother graduated from the Marines. I remember freezing my ass off. It had been warm in St. Louis, so I expected it to be warmer in San Diego. Negative. I was much more prepared this time.

There are several points of interest that made the trip memorable and enjoyable:

*I forgot my camera, so this is from my old 2mp Blackberry Curve.

1.) Chicken Tacos from Roberto’s #10 (Second only to the chicken tacos from La Noche Buena in LA). The chihuahua cheese makes this superb.

2.) The 2010 San Diego Asian Film Festival. (International Departures–good; Colin Hearts Kay–cute; Manila Skies–disappointing; Keanu look alike–hot; food–I had puto and sushi on the same plate!).

3.) Bougainvillea, birds of paradise, and other flora. Reminds me of home.

4.) Khan’s Cave. Free birthday meal with dessert! Awesome wine, house salad, and crispy chicken.

5.) Nightlife. I was surprised by the crowds downtown. We went to Onyx/Thin, which was packed upstairs and downstairs.

6.) Marie’s Cafe on University. *Drools*

7.) Balboa Park. We saw everything from an Armenian wedding to murderball. Had queso tamales from a cart.

8.) Gossip Grill. Amazing chicken panini with avocado, smoked gouda, and honey mustard (with quinoa?). Yummm, smoked gouda. I happily consumed half of this sandwich, which was not mine to begin with, the next day.

9.) Embarcadero Marina Park. Sunset, inukshuks, statue man, ice cream, shops.

10.) View and fire pits at Holiday Inn.

I miss it already!