First Week of Classes

I’m at campus #2 (in order of “hire”) on MWF, starting at 8am for English Composition I. This class, surprisingly, is near cap at 24. I have a large block in between my first and second class, which starts at 1 pm. Obviously, I hold my office hours then. My two afternoon classes are smaller: 11 and 14 students. My first impression is that I’ll have some trouble keeping the interests of my 8 am students. They are mostly athletes, too, so that’s another layer of challenge.

At campus #1, I’m very much looking forward to my Feature Writing class on TR. I’ve gathered great materials and feel confident about pedagogy (ie, focusing on technique, deconstructing examples, and applying learned methods). It’s creative nonfiction, essentially, which appeals to me (and most people) much more than English Composition. There are only 7 students in that class, so discussions may be a little tough.

In the Honors Freshman Composition course (also TR), I have 18 students, which is one over cap. I did not expect so many. They seem like an inquisitive, bright bunch, so I’m looking forward to lively discussions with them.

Let’s hope I survive this semester without too many bruises.


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